Young hipster couple hugging each other near the river

Happy New Year!!  What better time to reset, reboot, and refocus on what’s important and truly meaningful to you. Instead of resolutions, let’s focus on strategies to achieve the lives we want. Let’s set reasonable goals that are attainable and design the steps to get you there. If this seems overwhelming or impossible to you, you’re not alone. Most people don’t know where to begin and are so afraid to make a mistake that they become paralyzed. That’s where an accomplished and skillful life coach comes in.

Let’s design a coaching plan tailor made for you. Drawing on your unique personality, human needs, strengths, abilities and talents, we’ll create a plan that helps you achieve in a way that is custom designed for you and enables you to succeed.

Relationship coaching is an incredible way to deal with issues as they pop up. You’ll learn how to handle the small stuff so when the big stuff happens you’re not thrown in to crises. Please don’t wait until someone has decided to leave or has one and a half feet out the door. Research shows it’s much harder to come back from this.  Couples that see their relationship as a work in progress understand that it needs constant tweaking. Even wonderful, longed for events can come with unexpected challenges. Weddings, babies, moves, career or job changes may be positive and welcomed but typically adjustments will need to be made to accommodate the changes. How that is done makes all the difference.

Call me and let’s make 2021 everything we want it to be…Cheers!