I started seeing Helaine when I was 16. She helped me change in ways I never thought possible.
-Male, 20’s

Helaine saved my life!
-Female, 30’s

Helaine helped us identify what was really important. We now make each other a priority. We communicate better and have new tools to help us handle any situation.
-Couple, 20’s

I’m a 42 year old man who arrived in Helaine’s office in pretty bad shape. I had no idea what to expect, or how to begin talking about increasing fears and sadness…Helaine helped me…. She gave me a set of tools to handle the negative thought patterns and put them in perspective. The fear and sadness still bubble up, but the tools work and things are much better having made a connection with Helaine.
-Male, 40’s

I started therapy with Helaine at the end of a marriage that had left me emotionally devastated. At the time I was deeply depressed and full of rage. That marriage had brought up unresolved issues from my childhood, emotional troubles that had plagued my life. I had been in and out of therapy most of my life and never felt completely healed. At the end of that first year with Helaine, I did.
-Female, 40’s

Working with Helaine has changed the way I think about myself and react to the world around me. She has been a source of clarity and comfort.
Female, 50’s

Helaine holds me accountable. She doesn’t let me get away with my b…s…t. I need that.
-Male, 30’s

Helaine has played a critical role in my recovery. I would not be where I am today without her professional insight and intuition.
-Female, 40’s

I am so grateful I met Helaine. She is truly the best at what she does, a fine example of a woman who lives a happy and fulfilled life, and I hold her in the highest regard.
-Female, 50’s