Surviving and Treating Infidelity

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First there’s a suspicion.

Then comes the discovery.
After that comes the shock, hurt, pain, anger, confusion, fear, guilt, self-doubt, humiliation, jealousy and anxiety.
What happened?
When an affair occurs there are feelings of rage, betrayal and grief. Trust has been broken.

You may ask yourself “Can this relationship be saved? Do I want this relationship to be saved?” It’s overwhelming.

Treating and surviving infidelity takes a multi prong approach. It’s complicated but possible. The goal is not only to survive but to come through the other side with a better, closer and happier relationship. Through the therapy process we devise a unique treatment plan to address the issues and break through emotional obstacles and barriers. Couples will find they’re communicating more honestly than ever before.

If you have just discovered your partners’ infidelity or if you are the partner that has had the affair, seeking expert help to start this journey is vital. Don’t wait.