Is Your Sexual Behavior Ruining Your Relationship?

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Are you engaging in secretive or risky sexual behavior that has started to effect your relationship? Has your partner found, texts, chats, photos, apps, explicit porn or emails that have crossed the line as to being inappropriate? Have you said you’d stop-tried-but find you can’t ?  You need help.
Compulsive sexual behavior can sneak up on you so that you’re acting in ways you know are destructive but are unable to stop. You may start feeling shame and guilt but are still unable to stop.   Before your wife walks out or girlfriend breaks up with you, let’s figure out what’s going on. Continuing on this destructive path will have serious  consequences.
Sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behavior can lead to loneliness and depression. You may find you’ve become more isolated and lack any real emotional connection. You may desire a healthy relationship but can’t figure out how to have one. Don’t give up.
The good news is there is help and it works! I work with clients who are serious about making significant change- and they do. If you are ready to change and get your life back in control, I’m ready to help you.