Sexual Addiction IssuesIf you’ve been struggling with Sexually Compulsive behaviors that have negatively affected your life and has caused you distress and feelings of hopelessness, you might be struggling with sex addiction.

If you have tried to stop these behaviors and find that you can’t, there is help. Sexual addiction ruins relationships, can cost you your job, can result in high risk and dangerous situations, and the consequences can be severe. Keeping the secrets take its’ toll.

Because online pornography is free, accessible and omnipresent, it is often the springboard to other destructive behaviors.

In therapy, we address not only the present behavior but the underlying causes. Therapy along with a 12-step program can help the addict refrain from self-destructive behaviors, teach them new coping strategies as well as understand themselves. Many of my clients have gone on to live sexually healthy lives, heal their marriages and find a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

I received training with Dr. Patrick Carnes and follow his methodology. His comprehensive program addresses all areas of this complex issue.

There is also help for partners of sex addicts. Their trauma and pain needs to be addressed.  The goal is to heal the individuals as well as the couple.