Let’s Move In Together

| Las Vegas Marriage Therapist

Hey ­Let’s Move In Together! Does this sound familiar?

You just met and the connection between the two of you is ELECTRIC. After the second day you barely spend a moment apart. After three weeks, or two months you decide it’s silly to pay for two apartments. Besides, your lease is up and you haven’t been home in days. Wouldn’t it be great to live together? You both agree “Yes!!!”

Fast forward three months or five months or one year. What happened?

  • Who is this person and why is she such a slob?Depositphotos_9014016_l-2015
  • If he’s in a relationship with me, why does he have porn on his computer?
  • What do you mean you and your friends are going to a club and I’m not invited?
  • Why are all these girls I don’t know your “friends” on Facebook?
  • I accidentally saw a text on your phone. Who is this guy and why is he texting you?
  • You never want to spend time with just me. “You’ve changed!”

Ah, the perils and pitfalls of moving in with someone you thought you knew. There are ways to prevent this from happening.

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