individ therapy

We are the sum of our experiences. And some of these experiences were not so great. If you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma or abuse, you know how difficult just living day to day can be. The effects can be low self-esteem, persisting negative thoughts, difficulty in relationships and hopelessness. But you don’t need to live like that anymore.

Let me help you heal from the pain and live a happier life. Let’s change the negative thought patterns and the self defeating behaviors.  Let’s get you feeling good about yourself.

Often, change can occur quite quickly.

Usually, clients start feeling better after the first few sessions. The more committed you are to change and willing to do the work, the quicker this will happen. I promise to be there to guide you through the difficult times.

I use many theoretical orientations so I am able to use the best and most effective approach for each client. Therapy should never be “one size fits all”. You will learn useful skills to help you continue on the path to growth, healing and happiness.

For those of you that would just like to change some unhealthy behaviors, therapy can be enormously effective. Change the way you think and you can change your life!