How to Be Married

| Las Vegas Marriage Therapist

Happy CoupleSeems like a funny title to a page, right? But for those of you in a marriage or committed relationship it’s a very real concern­ how do we make this work? And not only “work”, but thrive. It is possible to do and it’s not as hard as you think.

I love working with couples.

There are many therapists that have given it up but I find it an exciting challenge. All Marriage and Family Therapists receive training in this area but I find that I also have the added advantage of being happily and successfully married for 35 years. I understand the challenges that couples face not just theoretically but because I’ve experienced them myself.

I also know that in order to be happily married you need to have an arsenal of good tools and techniques. Breaking the patterns of ineffective or destructive behavior is the first step. Couples are often amazed, and happily so, how easy it was to fix or change something that has caused so much suffering and pain.

Being married doesn’t mean you have to give up who you are but it does mean you’re part of a team. The SAME team. Changing that mindset is the first step in having a successful marriage.

To learn and put into practice some of the other tools needed for a successful marriage schedule an appointment and watch what happens!