Feeling Disconnected? Try looking into each other’s eyes…

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Young couple hugging while lying in bed in the morning

When was the last time you looked into your partner’s eyes. Not stared- but really looked? if you’re like a lot of people, you may find that you’re looking at screens more than each other. Life is busy, we’re on the go and pulled in a hundred different directions. But what if taking 10 or 15 minutes a day to put away distractions, look into each others eyes, share your thoughts and feelings and have a moment of true connection could make you feel closer and understood. Would you do it?

You may feel a little uncomfortable at first but stick with it. You’re not alone. When we do this in the office, even after a few seconds there’s often a feeling of unease and self-consciousness. Couples realize they can’t remember the last time they actually looked at their partner. They feel exposed and vulnerable.  But then something happens. They start to trust, feel safe, let down their walls and allow the other one in. You can see and feel the moment of connection. It’s transformative.

Try this at home. After doing this for a week check in with your partner. Has there been a change? Are you feeling a closeness, a playfulness, a feeling of togetherness that had been missing for a while?

Making your relationship work is not just a priority but the priority. Give it the love, care and time it deserves.

(And if 15 minutes seems like a long time start with 5 minutes. Just make sure to start.)