Dangers of Social Media

| Las Vegas Marriage Therapist, Las Vegas Sexual Issues

Internet porn concept. xxx buttons on the computer keyboardToday, it no longer surprises anyone when a congressman or other public figure admits to having inappropriate contact with women through Twitter or Facebook. One of the most famous recent cases, former congressman Weiner of New York was an intelligent (?) newly married man with a high profile and fierce political ambitions ­yet he chose to send pictures of himself wearing little or no clothing to women around the country that he’s never met. He also admitted to talking to them through Facebook and Twitter as well as on the phone.

Seeing what has happened to others in the past how could he possibly have thought this was a good idea? If he actually had thought this through, he would have come to the conclusion that somewhere along the way someone would find out. He trusted virtual strangers to keep his secret. And they didn’t. He could possibly lose everything he’s worked so hard for.

This type of behavior has become epidemic in couples counseling. Married people are renewing friendships with old friends and old lovers on Facebook. If things are stressful at home the fantasy of what was or what could have been is very appealing. But also very dangerous and destructive to relationships.

Is it being unfaithful to talk to people of the opposite sex by flirting or sending racy texts? What would your partner think if he or she found out? Is it just harmless fun or is it becoming a compulsion?

Think about it!