Can’t Afford a Divorce?

| Las Vegas Marriage Therapist

Sexual IssuesTimes are tough. The current economic crisis has left people upside down in their mortgages, buried in credit card debt and feeling hopeless. Add to that a marriage that has ceased to be happy, loving and fulfilling and you’ve got a real problem.

Previously, couples have ended their marriages and gone their separate ways. They could start over again; sell the house, divide the assets and move on. But not any more.

When you owe more on your house than it’s market value and your investments are just worth a fraction of what they were, divorce is difficult. Plus there are lawyers fees and all the other expenses that are part of a divorce. Many couples are finding they just can’t afford it.

So now what do you do?

How about seeing if you can save the marriage?

Once upon a time you loved each other, cared about each other, respected each other and probably couldn’t keep your hands off each other. Of course since then there may have been a lot of hurt, pain, anger, frustration, deception and resentment, but believe it or not these things can be worked through. It’s not easy but IT IS POSSIBLE.

Really, what is the alternative? What do you have to lose? The best case scenario is that you both really try to turn things around, do the work, save your marriage AND make it a happy one. The worst case scenario is that you make the next few years a livable situation until you can afford a divorce.

I’ve helped countless couples deal with the difficult issues they’re struggling with, feel heard and respected, and have taught them the skills they need to go forward in a healthy relationship.

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