Is Your Sexual Behavior Ruining Your Relationship?

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Are you engaging in secretive or risky sexual behavior that has started to effect your relationship? Has your partner found, texts, chats, photos, apps, explicit porn or emails that have crossed the line as to being inappropriate? Have you said you’d stop-tried-but find you can’t ?  You need help. Compulsive sexual behavior can sneak up… Read more »

Surviving and Treating Infidelity

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First there’s a suspicion. Then comes the discovery. After that comes the shock, hurt, pain, anger, confusion, fear, guilt, self-doubt, humiliation, jealousy and anxiety. What happened? Why? When an affair occurs there are feelings of rage, betrayal and grief. Trust has been broken. You may ask yourself “Can this relationship be saved? Do I want… Read more »

Premarital Counseling Important Questions

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Wedding season’s here!  While the dress is being fitted, the flowers chosen and the guest list completed, have you thought about what happens after the wedding day?  Have you and your intended asked each other the important and sometimes difficult questions? Many couples choose not to- not wanting to rock the boat or dampen the… Read more »

Dangers of Social Media

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Today, it no longer surprises anyone when a congressman or other public figure admits to having inappropriate contact with women through Twitter or Facebook. One of the most famous recent cases, former congressman Weiner of New York was an intelligent (?) newly married man with a high profile and fierce political ambitions ­yet he chose to send pictures… Read more »

Let’s Move In Together

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Hey ­Let’s Move In Together! Does this sound familiar? You just met and the connection between the two of you is ELECTRIC. After the second day you barely spend a moment apart. After three weeks, or two months you decide it’s silly to pay for two apartments. Besides, your lease is up and you haven’t been home… Read more »

Happy Couple

How to Be Married

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Seems like a funny title to a page, right? But for those of you in a marriage or committed relationship it’s a very real concern­ how do we make this work? And not only “work”, but thrive. It is possible to do and it’s not as hard as you think. I love working with couples. There are… Read more »

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Can’t Afford a Divorce?

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Times are tough. The current economic crisis has left people upside down in their mortgages, buried in credit card debt and feeling hopeless. Add to that a marriage that has ceased to be happy, loving and fulfilling and you’ve got a real problem. Previously, couples have ended their marriages and gone their separate ways. They could start… Read more »