Helaine Hunter­-Smith is a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Las Vegas, Nevada. She has also been an instructor at UNLV­ the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in the Department of Marriage and Family Therapy.Helaine’s “Human Sexual Behavior” class was extremely popular and a student favorite.

Although Helaine now calls Las Vegas home, she was born and raised in New York City. Her “east coast sensibility” is still present, however, mellowed by time spent on the west coast.

Helaine received her B.A. from Queens College in New York, in Theatre and Dance. She was a “triple threat”­actor, singer and dancer for many years, appearing on stage, screen, television and concert halls. Helaine also toured with her one woman show.

Having studied and learned from masters in their fields, Helaine utilizes in counseling, many techniques learned in other disciplines, finding many exercises translate well to the therapeutic experience.

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Wanting to change focus and concentrate on helping others, Helaine received her Master’s of Science degree from UNLV’s Department of Marriage and Family Therapy. During her internship, Helaine worked with the Clark County Health District in conjunction with Columbia University in New York, for the Columbia Teen Screen® Program. The program identifies at­risk teens for depression and suicide, and provides students and their families options for referrals and treatment.

Recently, Helaine has added to her practice a specialization in Sex Addiction. The current availability of Cybersex and online porn has created a growing problem facing so many. She continues to advance her understanding and treatment in this area.

Helaine’s background in public speaking and performing makes her an in ­demand speaker for seminars and groups.
Helaine lives in Las Vegas with her husband and has been very happily married for 30 years.